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Monday Poll

1. Mood:
tired. depressed. sad.
2. Highlight of your weekend?
seeing a really pretty pale pink jacket from H&M, going out for drinks with a good friend
3. Makeup or beauty confession:
sometimes I feel like I spend too much on makeup without really using it until the end... and yet I can't help but want more, (liberty of london @ MAC. noooo!!)
4. Small piece of advice:
to live every day to the fullest and cherish those around you...Give thanks, every day
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
Lancome quad (brown colors), sugar lip balm, Bourjois 10 hour foundation (*sigh* work)
6. I told myself this morning to _________.
wake up and face the day, even though you'd much rather hide somewhere and cry
7. I’d really like _________.
to feel my kitten purr again. Shes gone somewhere better now...
8. What’s the story behind your pet’s name?
Ara, her name was decided after months long of deliberation.. It was a pretty, delicate name like the way she is...
9. Outfit:
black v-neck sweater + silky grey pants (Club Monaco)+ thick cable knit red/black scarf
10. Weekly goals:
to mend my heart, to make sales, to be optimistic again

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