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Nail Art: Blue Gradation

Its so cold in T.O. this morning. I am shivering at work and as I was looking through my hard drive I found this, and it reminded me of how cold it was! Its a blue gradation french.

I used a pale colour as a base, then used a blue sparkly nail polish to do a gradation.

There are two different ways to do gradation:
1. using a sponge, which is easier and gives a stippled effect
2. using the polish brush and working very quickly, which gives a seamless effect

The second way is quite difficult, but I always like the way it looks more than using a sponge!


  1. i like using a sponge tho its easier wouldn't the polish get all mixed up

  2. No it won't you wait a certain time before you go over it again so it won't be that bad actually :D
    good luck and tell me how it goes


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