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Nail Art: From Korea

Nail art in Korea is thriving due to the influx of Japanese tourists.
The art is less intricate than Japan but it is much more affordable and therefore a lot of Japanese Nail Art lovers come to Seoul just for a nail art tour!

The capital of nail art would have to be Myung Dong, Seoul, South Korea. This area is in the downtown core boasting the most expensive real estate, and also happens to be the fashion mecca of Seoul. You can find the streets filled with twenty-something year olds looking for the new 'it' thing. I personally love, love shopping in myungdong.

This nail art was done at 'princess nail' in myung dong. My nail artist was actually a japanese artist working in Korea. The detail in this is absolutely amazing and her each stroke was just meticulous. I loved this one... Perfect for summer!


  1. Beautiful! It smells like spring, or even better like summer. I love strawberries :)

  2. I love berries too :D my friend lives in Timmins, waaaaay up North Canada, and she says in summertime its really nice out and there are lots of blueberries but she has to make sure there aren't any bears when she gets out to pick them haha


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