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Wildfire Steakhouse Yonge and Lawrence - An Alternative to the Keg

A Business meeting, party of 3

Our Order

50.00     1 Bottle Prosecco NV
80.00     1 Bottle Karydas Xinomavro, a dry red
12.00     1 Glass Meridian Cabernet (comp)

14.00     1 Calamari
14.00     1 Beef Carpaccio
15.00     1 Shrimp Martini

49.00     1 Porterhouse
57.00     1 Surf/Turf Lobster
39.00     1 Filet 8oz

11.00     1 Cheesecake (comp)
12.00     1 Creme Brulee (comp)

Met some clients for a business dinner at Wildfire Steakhouse which one of my clients have visited and had an enjoyable time. A few of my friends said they were quite pleased with the place so I was happy to try it out. I usually don't enjoy  restaurants around Yonge and Lawrence as I find them too focused on interiors and not focused enough on the food. One issue I had was parking - it was impossible to find any around the area during dinnertime. I parked at Loblaws and walked to Wildfire. I don't know if I should recommend this but desperate times call for desperate measures...

We were seated next to the door despite making reservations and it was a very chilly and rainy winter day so I wasn't very pleased. Especially when there were many seats within the restaurant. Our waiters changed about three-four times while we were there, we kind of lost track of who our actual waiter was. On the other hand, it was quick and timely service most of the time. 

We asked for the red wine to be decanted while we drank the Prosecco but a few of the waiters didn't understand and kept trying to pour the red. I guess most people drink their red from the bottle but I was with a few wine enthusiasts and they were less than pleased. 

My steak came out medium-well and I wanted it medium-rare, so I had it sent back. The Manager came over and apologized and offered us dessert on the house and included a complimentary glass of wine for my client who didn't want dessert. This was impressive.

Great to take clients out for dinner, casual and relaxed and a welcoming atmosphere. I didn't feel like I had to rush and the dark lighting encouraged good conversation. Perfect for dates and business meetings. Maybe not so much to meet the guy's parents or grandma's big birthday bash.

I don't have any pictures to post because I was at a business meeting and in such cases I refrain from taking pictures of food. 

The beef carpaccio was really good with just the right amount of rare beef around some aragula leaves and shaved parmesan cheese. I really liked how unlike Mistura they didn't douse the dish with Truffle Oil (so much controversy over this, I think I'm going to side with 'nay'). 

The shrimp came out plump and fresh and yes, de-veined.

The grilled calamari was juicy but they didn't take the skin off completely so there were these elastic bits around the squid which I prefer off with mine. 

My first steak was overcooked so I asked for a second done medium-rare. It came out perfectly cooked and juicy. I asked for a side of mushrooms instead of mashed potatoes and those were savoury too. The steak was a bit too tough and had a bit of a "gamey" taste. Furthermore the steak was way too salty - It was kind of encrusted with salt on the outside. This might be due to personal preference though as I am very sensitive to salty foods. My client's Surf/Turf steak was overcooked as well but he didn't want to send his back, I tried a bit of his and it was very tough and hard. 

The complimentary dessert on the house was very nice. The creme brulee was nice and not too sweet.

The interior and ambience is much better than the Keg and this is reflected on the price which is a lot higher. The Keg has much better steak though, which means that Wildfire's steak is really lacking (A proper steakhouse being compared to The Keg is never a good thing). The wine menu is extensive. Good, non-intrusive service. OK for business dinners.  

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    1. thank you :) Will definitely follow you too! Take care! xoxo champagne


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