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Zets Drive-In Restaurant, 24 hrs of Awesome

Sometimes, after a night of heavy drinking... I get really hungry. At 4am. The choices are measly - Pork bone soup at Owl or mediocre Korean food at Im Ga Ne. Then once upon a time the designated driver decided to trek the group out west near the airport to this Holy Grail of a 24 hr joint called Zets.

The food was awesome.

I've been back a few times, during the day on weekends and odd times after a flight back. The food always tastes the same whether at 3AM or 3PM. The place is very clean, large and well-lit. Service is zippy.

 Chicken Souvlaki, $12.95

The Chicken Souvlaki is one of the best I've had in Toronto. I like it better than Astoria in Toronto Greektown. Its an audacious claim but I am not afraid to admit it. The breast meat is so tender and juicy. The seasoning is superb and the tzatziki here is special - it is fully loaded with raw finely ground garlic. It has a kick and its just SO GOOD. It comes with a side of warm garlic bun as well. The plate doesn't seem so big in the picture but it is really big and fully able to satisfy a hearty male appetite. 

16oz New York Steak, $22.95

Odd for a 24 hr restaurant but Zets is well-known for their steak. When you walk in and line up you are able to see the meat ageing in refrigerated vacuum packs. Above is the 16oz which was the medium size done medium rare. The steak was very juicy and tender but had some 'chew' to it like the way a New York is supposed to be. I would say this is an American diner-style good wholesome steak. Its $22.95 and for what you get, I thought it was a pretty good price! Also important to add is that the bacon bits and dressing tastes home-made. 

Overall, this is one of my favourite joints for a casual dinner and for when I get munchies for good food at odd hours of the night.

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