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Mortons Steakhouse Toronto Review - Just go to the Keg

My steak was too salty and the manager insisted the kitchen go and "scrape it off". 

It was a super special day for D and I and we were both keen to celebrate with a nice fancy dinner in town. I asked D to choose the restaurant as it was his treat and he had a pickier palette than mine. He decided on Mortons because I haven't been and that it had really good reviews on Urbanspoon (We both rely on urbanspoon to try new places!).

Ambience was not as nice as I expected. There was good valet service at front but the entrance was unassuming and the decor felt a little forced - i.e. it felt like a smaller and darker keg rather than any other restaurant with a $$$$ rating (i.e. Sassafraz, Centro, Auberge du Pommier etc.). This is important because I take out a lot of clients for business - I work in a conservative field - and when our company wants to show that we care about our clients we want to make sure that impression is clearly sent with good food, service and ambience.

Sadly, the ambience misses the mark at Morton's.

Our waitress was friendly and service was good. I overheard another table with four businessmen with a different waitress and that waitress explained this really tasty-sounding pasta dish... Oddly our waitress didn't mention any pasta special even though she looked at her notes. I really wonder... Why?

I don't know if you notice this but the bread is just sitting there on a plate. It was lukewarm. 

Why is the bread not in a basket or nicely cushioned in napkin to keep warm?
Why is the butter in a sloppy puff? 

The waitress brought out a 2010 when we ordered a 2009. D noticed this and asked for a 2009. The waitress said there must've been a mix-up or they mixed up the bottles and went back and got us the 2009.

This was my appetizer which was a mix of an oyster, a shrimp and a crab leg and some bits of crab.

I found it disconcerting that there was crusty brown bits of Tabasco left on the top of the bottle (it had no lid). Made me wonder how long this bottle has stayed open and how many dishes it has been on. 

Why is there a used bottle embedded into my dish? I understand that it doesn't seem to be touching any food but I found it odd that a bottle - most likely touched by many patrons, maybe even dropped on the floor, would be embedded into my dish. Maybe they wipe the bottle... Maybe not....

 I didn't get enough of a seafood fix so I asked for the oyster special. They were satisfactory. No embedded dirty Tabasco bottle here

 I tried D's steak, it was great. Moist and juicy and not salty at all

 This was my medium rare steak. I took a bite and realized I couldn't taste any steak. All I could taste was Sodium. SODIUM. The thing was a salt bomb. I couldn't eat it another bite and I looked at the steak in wonder at how it could be so salty. 

At that moment, the manager came by and asked us how the food was.

I told him it was too salty.

He told me the kitchen could scrape the top off for me.

I told him that that would not work for me.

He told me again, with slight annoyance and sarcasm, that it has been over seasoned on the top and that the kitchen can easily SCRAPE OFF THE TOP FOR ME. 

I looked at D, who could've stood up for me but he was just awestruck so I decided to politely decline his offer and said:
"I don't think this has to do with scraping off the top but rather that there is a problem with my steak and it needs to be replaced with a new steak, like any other steak restaurant. 
Furthermore, not only is this steak is beyond edible, scraping the salt off and reheating it would overcook the steak anyway"

The manager finally took it back with reluctance and a dash of attitude and gave me a new steak with a side of spinach on the house. 

Yup, I received a side of spinach.

I may have had much too high expectations for this place in the first place, but this is somewhere that I would never, ever go back let alone take someone important like clients to. The service shown from The Manager was unacceptable for a place that presents itself as an upscale restaurant. 

The meal was $400+ for two, completely wasted.

Morton's - the Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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  1. That's crazy and can't believe there was no attention to detail especially considering the high price....


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