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Black Camel Toronto: Pretty Good!

Black camel is a popular lunch place located near Yonge and Rosedale station. Parking in this area wasn't easy and the restaurant itself is very small with limited seating. We decided to get takeout and eat at the office, which most people do here anyway. The Black Camel is rumoured to be the best beef brisket in town, so I had pretty high expectations.

The lady managing the line was apparently not the nicest person in the world persay... Kind of reminds me of the Kensington Market Italian Sandwich cashier lady. I guess its pretty difficult to be nice when there is a line out the door.

 Beef brisket sandwich with BBQ sauce, mustard and caramelized onions, side of coleslaw

The beef was juicy and tender, it literally melted in the mouth. The bun had a nice chewy fluffy texture that was a good carrier for the bbq sauce. It was really, really good.

The coleslaw wasn't the average coleslaw. I think there were mustard seeds or perilla seeds maybe. It wasn't  too vinegary but it wasn't your average coleslaw. The coleslaw will be a polarizing element here, I could see some loving this and some despising it.

My bias to the black camel brisket sandwich would be that I am not a fan of pulled pork sandwiches and this sandwich tasted a lot like a pulled pork sandwich. Maybe the beef wasn't beef-y enough or the sauce used to cook it was too much like a pulled pork sandwich sauce? However, It was thoroughly satisfying and I can guarantee that those that like pulled pork sandwiches will loove this sandwich.

I think next time I may try different condiments and minus the BBQ sauce that was throwing me off.

A great take-out place, A-


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  1. omg that looks AMAZING!! I have to go try it sometime


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