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Carnegie Deli, NYC - Review

The first day we arrived to NYC we decided to go to Carnegie Deli for dinner.  
We actually didn't know that this place was so popular because we went in around 9pm and there was no line-up. However, we passed by every day for three days after that and there was a huuuge line snaking outside the door over a whole block. 
We considered ourselves lucky :)

 First came the pickles. They were gigantic. The olive coloured ones on top were dill (awesome) and the bright green ones were salty. We noticed nobody really ate the bright green ones. I tried one it was OK. 
The dill pickles were soooo gooooood. 

The walls are wooden and covered completely with framed, signed pictures of celebrities. Our server was friendly and very helpful in ordering (we didn't know what to get!)

We decided to order The Woody Allen Sandwich (Corned Beef + Pastrami), Matzo Ball Chicken Soup, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

The server suggested we get a side of coleslaw which we did (we are sooo glad we took his suggestion). Also, he halved all our orders so that it'd be nice to eat.

The soup here is 1/2 a Chicken Soup. 
 We each had a gigantic Matzo Ball. The servings are very generous here. I really liked this soup even though it was radioactive yellow. It was a nice warming refuge from a very cold, windy day in NYC. 

 Pictures don't do justice how gigantic this sandwich is! We each had half of a sandwich and I couldn't finish half of my half (a quarter). The coleslaw is perfection, creamy tangy and the perfect combination with the sandwich. It is a MUST to order these together.

 The top shavings are Corned Beef and the bottom slices edged with brown are Pastrami . We personally both preferred the Pastrami because it was more moist and tender. Who are we kidding though, the whole thing was amazing. It was infinitely better -absolutely incomparable - to Schwartz in Montreal or Caplansky's in Toronto (Apparently DDD was filmed there, why?!). 

 The sandwich comes with three slices of bread. The meat to bread ratio was out of the park but they were a nice accompaniment. For a low-carb - carnivorous eater like myself I had no complaints :)

This, was the best cheesecake I've ever tried. Better than Cheesecake Factory or Juniors. The first blueberry cheesecake ever that had - fresh - blueberries. Their juiciness popped in my mouth. The cake itself is light and had a pleasant level of sweetness. Its the type that tastes low-fat but is still flavourful. I found Juniors to be very sweet and Cheesecake Factory to be on the heavier side. 

I give this place A+. 
The kind of place that one should visit at least once in NYC. 

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