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Le Pain Quotidien, NYC Midtown- Review

We arrived in NYC very early in the morning and were quite hungry once we got in Manhattan.
I decided we should go to Le Pain Quotidien as I've heard a lot of really good things!
We were there around 9:00AM and there were already about 10 people waiting in line. The line went very quickly though. The seats were very tight though.

The menu was rather hard to navigate through. It wasn't your average breakfast fare, where you'd find combination breakfasts with your choice of egg, toast and bacon/ham/sausage. There were tartines and quiche. Friend wasn't happy with the selection. 

The ambience is woody and trendy. Felt like I was walking into a French breakfast table. 

 The capuccino I ordered came in a handle-less mug. It was giant but I drank all of it! 

 This is the smoked salmon with ricotta cheese capers and a boiled egg. 
It tasted fresh and very healthy. The egg was boiled perfectly so that the yolk is runny on the inside. 
The bread tasted great but I wish it was warmed as they were stone cold. There were special 'salts' that I could use for my egg that were on the table, I used grey sea salt (picture above)

This was my friend's choice, oatmeal. I don't like oatmeal to begin with. This tasted like... Nothing. Apparently there was maple syrup but we didn't taste it. The lady who ordered the same thing next to us asked the server for more maple syrup. Friend pretty much left the whole thing untouched.

During our meal I saw two men order a basket of bread and what looked like a bunch of different spreads. I supposed bread and spread was what was popular here so I asked the waiter for some bread and the spreads. He gave us these which included a jam, hazelnut spread and dark chocolate spread. The 'jam caddy' had a cute heart handle! 

More of a ladies brunch place than a breakfast place. Those who love to eat natural and healthy would love it here. For those that want traditional breakfast, definitely not Le Pain.

I give this place A- for service,
A for ambience (window seats are nice),
 B for food (Friend says F).

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