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Yelp for Pizza, Dropbox for your files... What about your Project Management?

These days it seems like there for every business or personal need, there are hundreds of online tools to fit that need. For example, one day we find ourselves in a new city and we need to order a pizza - there are dozens of apps like Yelp that we can download to use right at our fingertips and find that city's best pie.

For business there are online tools out there to fit every need - file sharing tools to do business on-the-go like Dropbox and Google Drive, or even tools to hold virtual meetings with co-workers across the globe with a click of a button, like Go-To-Meeting.

These tools are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives because they are so easy to use. Each tool has a clear reason to be there. Just like that favourite mug we all have in the cabinet to hold our coffee, we find ourselves relying on these tools in our day to day lives.

If this is the case, why are companies so slow in adopting a Project Management Program to manage their projects?

The first reason: Commitment.
There are so many software solutions to fit just one need, that it can be hard to commit to just one. Even finding pizza, there are hundreds of apps that are vying for our attention - Yelp, Urbanspoon, Google Reviews, Zagat.... Never-mind the hundreds of food bloggers and food critic reviews. The list is never-ending and to do a comparison for each would take too much time for a hungry person looking for pizza.

The same applies for a company looking for a project management solution. Usually the search starts with a member google searching for "PMP software solution" which results in hundreds of different products available. Then that person would spend time learning about the different products, comparing and reporting on the findings to upper management... Then the task starts to feel really daunting and the gravity of commitment sets in and the company just ends up using what their 'tried and true' method - Excel - while they ruminate over their decision for a few more years.

The second reason: The Dreaded Learning Curve
The learning curve to new technology is really awful. Do you remember what it was like to text on a keyboard-less keypad for the first time? Or switching from Apple to a Windows computer or vice-versa? It was hard and really frustrating. The same dread applies for adapting new technology in the workplace - It is hard for one person, what about for a whole workforce?

Integrating your business to a PMP solution is only half the battle. Teaching the whole workforce to use the solution efficiently and with ease is the biggest issue that detracts companies from adopting a new solution.

How does Easy Projects combat this dreaded learning curve? Our product is not just the software to help you integrate this product into your workforce - Our product is the software + the service. This includes fully accessible online youtube tutorials on how to use the product and a real-time service desk that is available to answer all questions from your workforce within 24 hours. At Easy Projects we know the dreaded learning curve, and we want to make it easy to use for everyone.


Sakura Flowers Spring Nail Art Ideas - Marble Flowers

I found this nail art idea and I think its absolutely gorgeous! I don't remember the sources so please let me know if you find it. I will be doing it next.
It would be perfect as a substitution for the classic french nails on a bride for a wedding...
Or perfect for spring. 

The flowers are done by marble where different coloured nail polish are moved around while still wet to create the middle.


Dior Pearl Earrings / Mise En Dior Tribal Earrings

Dior Mise En Dior Tribal Pearl Earrings

Finalllyyy got my hands on these pretty earrings.

Looooove how they are avant garde and classic at the same time. I can wear them to my conservative office!

Although I hate that Dior jacked up the prices from the $250s to almost triple the price? Crazyyyy!

♥ xoxo champagne

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